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New Match

  • Tap "New Match" to start a new match

TIP: Tap "New Match" BEFORE editing "Home Team" and "Away Team" names.

New Set

  • Tap "New Set" to start/stop a recording set

TIP: DO NOT stop recording at the end of each play.  ezReelz Volleyball knows how to remove delays between plays.

New Play

  • Tap "New Play" at the beginning of each play


TIP: If you tap too soon, just tap again when whistle blows.

Highlight Play

  • Tap "Highlight Play' when your son/daughter makes a great play

  • Tap to exit the "Recording" screen

Edit Score

  • Tap "Edit Score" to fix the scores

  • Tap to award point to "Home Team"

  • Tap to award point to "Away Team"

  • Live-Streaming Indicator


TIP: When live-streaming, this indicator will be Green when viewers are seeing a good live-stream, Yellow when viewers may be experiencing delays in the live-stream and Red when viewers cannot see the live-stream. 

  • Tap "Home Team" or "Away Team" to edit team names, "Tournament Mode" and "Tournament Name".

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